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Auto-repurpose your Youtube videos and podcasts into blogs, and blogs into twitter threads. 

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The Pains of Content Marketing:

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    Creating Enough Content

    Creating content for clients, yourself, or your manager is extremely tiresome. If you don't want to burn money with an agency, automating content is your only option.
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    Effectively Repurposing Content

    98% of professional content marketers repurpose content. Only 56% have a workflow for it. Now, you too can (automate) this workflow with Spread.
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    Creating for Multiple Platforms

    Creating content for multiple platforms is the pinnacle of content marketing success. Spread helps you scale content to reach this faster.

The Solution, from Me to You. ❤️

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Spread helps you turn one piece of content into multiple pieces of content. We solve all of your biggest content problems by creating an automated content repurposing workflow around you. Enabling our mission to help you scale your content across multiple platforms with consistent messaging and branding.


Spread Founder

How Spread (Actually) Works.

Our 652+ alpha users found these 3 simple repurposing strategies to be the most effective.

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    Transform your Youtube videos into blog posts. Ideal for SEO with 90% accuracy transcriptions.

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    Transcribe your podcasts into SEO rich transcripts. Ideal for blog posts or podcast descriptions. (90% accuracy). 

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    Copy and paste your blog post (or transcript), and transform it into a twitter thread - completely free!

What other Content Marketers say:

(473+ marketers signed up for V.1)

  • "Spread is the most influential product I've ever used to repurpose content. Creating content is hard enough, repurposing as much as I can is my goal, Spread lets me do that."

    Yaro - NewsletterCrew/Indiestack Founder
  • "The worst thing about Spread is it makes you realise just how much content you've missed out on creating before."

    Angelika - Full Time Blogger
  • "Before Spread I used to create 1-2 pieces of content a week. Now every day is a content day."

    Oliver Fulleylove - FX Blogger

(Easy-Peasy) Pay as You Go Pricing

Start repurposing your content for the price of pennies
(Minute = length of video or podcast)

  • Video to blog

    Transcribe videos into blog posts
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      Unlimited usage
  • Podcast to Blog

    Transcribe podcasts into blogs
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      Unlimited usage
  • Blog to Tweet

    Turn blogs into Twitter Threads
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      Free for Beta Users ❤️
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      Unlimited usage

Pricing you can't find anywhere else

Minimal cost, maximum features.

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Video Transcription
Audio Transcription
Video to Podcast
Blog to Twitter Thread

Double, Triple, Quadruple Your Content.

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