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Your Content Marketing Pains:

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    Creating enough content

    Creating sufficent content for all of your channels is a long and gruesome ordeal - I'm tired just thinking about it!
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    Sleeping on content repurposing

    98% of professional content marketers repurpose content. Only 56% have a workflow for it. Now you can too.
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    Your content is wasted

    Every longform piece of content you create has hundreds of short form pieces just waiting to be used...

The Solution, from Me to You. ❤️

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Spread empowers you to create content from your existing content using transcripts.

Using advanced GPT-3 AI we help you to: create high-quality transcripts, detect and fix errors immediately, and transform your transcripts into content such as; blog posts, short video clips, and much more soon...


Spread Founder

Unique features you can't get anywhere else 👇🏻

(We can't help but brag!)

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    It all starts with a crisp transcript...

    Drop your video or podcast into our upload box and we'll deliver a clean(ish) transcript within minutes. You can use our editor to polish it to perfection.

    Then use your transcript to repurpose your content into blog posts or short videos for social media.

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    Become a blogger in seconds

    Use our GPT3 AI to aid in transforming your transcript into a blog post, show-notes, summaries, or anything else you want. Our AI tools include;

    - AI Text Rephraser
    - AI Text Summariser
    - AI Text Expander

    and SO many more coming soon!

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    You're looking at the next Gary Vee

    Clip your video using our transcript tool. Just highlight the text you want in your short video, adjuts the size and orientation, and then download your clip once happy.

    We have presets perfect for Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube. Create content for everywhere.

What other Content Creators say:

(Since we can't toot our own horn...)

  • "Anything I can use to maximise my podcast content and make it go further I will use. Nothing has worked for me like Spread has. I am able to create content at scale across audio and text without any additional effort."

    Yaro - Podcast Host @NewsletterCrew
  • "I own and run a forex comparison website. We create content to generate traffic. I use Spread to multiply that content and thus multiply my traffic - simple really..."

    Ollie - Content Creator @TradingCompared
  • "Spread is the most influential product I've ever used to transcribe podcast content. Creating content is hard enough, creating transcripts and content is my goal - Spread lets me do that."

    Yin - Podcaster @BCU

🔎 Real Examples in Action

Click each image to see how powerful Spread is...

  • Expand Text

    Expand and grrow sentences to elongate your blog posts for better SEO

  • Rewrite Text

    Rewrite and restructure transcript sentences so they better suit blog posts and show-notes

  • Summarise Text

    Summarise your text into paragraphs or key-sentences that are ideal for show notes

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Social media mastermind 🍑

Highlights the best clips from your audio or video content and repurpose them into perfect Instagram, TikTtok, Twitter (+ more) social uploads. 

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Lowest Priced Transcription

All major currenies accepted (Pricing set to increase soon)

1 minute of audio = $0.06

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High-Quality Transcript
AI Blog Creator
Short Video Clipper

💡 Intelligently Designed for Audio and Video Creators

The new wave of content repurposing is here...

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