Utilise (GPT-3) AI to create, correct, and curate your transcripts into content.

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The Problem with Transcription:

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    Extreme Time and Effort

    Creating pro-worthy transcripts is extremely time consuming and simply boring work.
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    Transcription Errors

    Transcription errors are annoying, unprofessional, and very time consuming. No tool can fix them for you, until now...
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    Content Creation

    Content creators love using transcripts for blog posts, show-notes, and much more but find it hard to extract the best content fast.

The Solution, from Me to You. ❤️

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Spread lets you make transcriptions in the easiest and fastest way possible.

Using advanced GPT-3 AI we help you to: create high-quality transcripts, detect and fix errors immediately, and transform your transcripts into content such as; blog posts and show-notes. (coming soon)

Create transcripts of higher quality, with less time, and fewer headaches.


Spread Founder

Features of the Future 💡

Spread is uniquely designed to create transcripts easier and faster than ever before. 

  • V1

    Highest Quality Auto-Transcription

    We deliver only the highest level of transcription quality (including 100's of languages), resulting in minimal errors that are created using AI and Google technology. Fast and efficient.

    Reducing the time it takes for you to create perfect transcripts.

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    AI Error Correction

    Our AI will automatically pick out potential transcription errors, highlight them to you, and provide alternatives. 

    Correct errors with a click of a button without scanning through the entire transcript.

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    Say Good-bye to Bad Grammar

    During the transcription process, we use advanced GPT-3 to correct the entire grammar in the transcript.

    You'll never have to correct grammar in your transcript ever again.

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    Content Creation on the Fly

    Automate the process of creating content. Use our AI to blogify your transcripts, find great tweets, quotes, create mini-videos, and so much more. (Coming soon)

    Repurpose all of your source video and audio content into more content!

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    Many more features to come post-launch

    We have many more features on the way!

    - AI rewrite feature
    - Customisable text expander
    - Captioner
    - Transcription quality upgrade
    - Search and correct words
    - Auto remove 'erms' and 'umms'

Lowest Price Transcription

All major currenies accepted (Pricing set to increase soon)

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High-Quality Transcript
AI Error Correction
Content Creation

⚡️ Intelligently Designed for Speed

The easiest and fastest transcription platform ever built. Create transcripts faster with higher accuracy.

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200 Transcribers recently signed up 🔥🔥🔥

Create transcripts in less time than ever before