What, Who, and Why?

'What' is Spread?

Spread helps you turn one piece of content, into multiple pieces of content.

Spread auto-repurposes your content for you, so you can maximise the value out of every second, word, and tweet.

Our 'home-made' tool is surprisingly effective at delivering you every ounce of value from every piece of content you want to repurpose.

Use Spread to turn your youtube videos into podcasts, podcasts into blogs, and blogs into twitter threads. 

'Who' is Spread?

A bodacious, boutique, and bootstrapped startup founded by one everyday IndieHacker with one exceptional goal.
Augment your content.

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    Lou Tromans
    OG Founder

    #NoCode OG Founder. Gym rat, world of warcraft nerd, and philosophy lover. 

'Who' is Spread for?

Ideal for every Content marketer, creator, or connoisseur.

  • Youtubers

    Automatically transform your Youtube videos into blog posts or podcasts. 

  • Podcasters

    Create articles and transcripts that are SEO gold from every podcast you create. 

  • Bloggers/SEOer's

    Entice twitter.com with juicy threads derived directly from your blog post.

'Why' use Spread?

Because it's never been easier to torpedo your content into the stratosphere, for less than a dollar.

Why wouldn't you want to increase the effectiveness of your entire content strategy by up to 400%?

As qualitative as content is, there's a formula to it at heart. It's simple AF...
Create content--> create traffic --> create income.


Let's break it down for you with some real numbers:

Say you have a 10 minute youtube video titled "Why organic traffic always beats paid." This video generates you around 5000 visitors over it's entire lifetime to your landing page (or wherever you want traffic to go). Which equates to a few hundred signups and $1000 in lifetime customer revenue.

You can then use Spread to transform that video into a 10 minute podcast. This will cost you $0.50. But could generate you another $500 over its lifetime.

You can then use Spread to transform the youtube video/podcast into a blog post/transcript to build a new traffic source and boost SEO. Costing you another $0.50. But generates another $250 over its lifetime.

You can then transform that blog into a twitter thread. Which will help you grow your following, and may also result in a few more signups.

Never has a single dollar resulted in so much value.