What, Who, Why?

What is Spread?

Spread is the next step in transcription creation, correction, and curation.

Through our unique GPT-3 AI we can be better, faster, and more efficient than any other transcription platform in the world.

Our mission is to help pro transcribers to automate their workflow as much as possible.
Allowing you to take on more clients, process more transcripts, and offer more services.

Who is Spread?

A bodacious, boutique, and bootstrapped startup founded by two everyday IndieHacker's with one exceptional goal.

  • Mini mee@2x
    Lou tromans
    OG Founder

    #NoCode OG Founder. Gym rat, world of warcraft nerd, and philosophy lover. 

  • Mini ryan@2x
    Ryan Begen
    Co-Founder (Tech)

    Ryan can debug the code by the power of his mind. Dangerous man! Early-stage startup guru. 

Who is Spread for?

Anyone who uses transcripts. 

  • #1 Freelancer Transcribers

    Freelance Transcribers who want to automate their workflow

  • #2 Content Managers

    Professional transcribers who create or use transcripts in their 9-5

  • #3 ContentCreators

    Video and audio content creators who want to branch out into text content

Why use Spread?

Because it's never been easier, faster, and more efficient to transcribe content.

Why would you not want to reduce errors, create more transcripts, offer more services, and create more content, all with less time?

Especially when you only pay for what you use... It's a true no brainer. The current state of automatic transcription is dismal at best. They are slow, clunky, and lack any AI capabilities. Spread is the new kid on the block with a lot to show for it.

If you hate correcting errors, taking hours to perfect a transcript, and creating tedious time-consuming content then Spread is ideal for you...