How to Transcribe Youtube Videos [GUIDE + FREE 60MINS]

published on 02 March 2021

Youtube is oversaturated. To get a competitive edge you need to maximise the content you create from every youtube video. Transcribing Youtube videos into written text is the best way to do this, for both SEO and additional content purposes!

Plus Youtube transcription has never been easier - with Spread...

Getting started with transforming Youtube videos into Blog Transcripts

Obviously, we’d rather you use spread to do this. But there are many other paid versions out there that are either done manually or by software. Currently Spread is free to use for the first 60 minutes, so take advantage where you can.

Here’s how to use Spread to instantly create highly accurate transcripts in seconds, not hours.

Step 1. Sign in or register with spread. Your first 60 minutes are free, but after that, it is still only $0.20 per minute of video.

Step 2. Once signed in/registered upload your file/insert your youtube link and start the download process.

Step 3. Our AI will scan your text for potential errors. We will then present these errors to you in a list format. You can click individual errors to see alternative words and pop in the right word easily. After that, you can give the entire transcript a final review. Export or copy to your clipboard and you are ready to use in your marketing efforts! :)


Let us be very transparent and also recommend to you that Youtube has its own transcripts. However, these youtube generated transcripts are not optimal to use as a blog post.

Read on if you want to master youtube growth hacking via the use of overpowered transcripts.

Why Create Transcription blog posts? — What you need to understand first.

Youtube is HEAVILY oversaturated. Every niche and industry has an overload of content. Too much for any consumer. You are the last thing they need.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t grow and prosper within Youtube, you just have to play it smart. Correctly utilise your content to maximise reach and views.

Transcribing your youtube videos into blog posts is the best way to do this in our opinion. However, podcasting is a close second. Learn how to do this here too.

How do Transcript Blog posts Growth Hack Your Youtube channel?

You want as many avenues leading to your main (Youtube) content as possible. Your potential followers need as many tools to find you as you can create. Reducing friction is a priority.

Creating blog posts from your Youtube video (or podcast) automatically creates completely brand new marketing channels for you to attack from. Another avenue for your consumers to stroll down…

SEO (as blog content) is one of these channels. This will probably be the easiest one for you too. It’s a skill that doesn’t take time to master.

The hardest part is creating content, but lucky for you — you already have that mostly covered with transcripts from your Youtube video. You may have to add a little fluff into your blog posts or even take some bits out. But this will take you a LOT less time than writing them from scratch.

Google adores content. Rich and original content is its favorite snack. After repurposing your videos into blog posts, you are going to have mountains of content. This is the type of content you can use to (ethically) abuse search engines.

Further examples of brand new marketing channels are Medium, Social media, online communities, and a few more that we go into detail below on…

Simply put the more content you produce, the more you have to share and capture your audience with.

No matter what marketing channel you repurpose your videos into, you will reach more people, and you will get more subscribers.

Where and How to use Your Youtube Transcript

1. Your own blog  2. Medium  3. Forums/communities  4. Social media posts/captions  5. Quora

1. Your own Blog is Your Biggest Asset.

Every transcript/blog post needs to be posted to your site (FIRST!). You need the domain rating, you need the content, you need the views — not Medium or any other publishing site.

Your website is a weapon of mass destruction. It will define your brand, dominate search engines, and be a converting machine. This is only made possible if your blog content is always on your own site, first.

Within every blog post also link back to your Youtube video at the top, and your podcast too if you’re smart…

The evergreen traffic you get from ranking on search engines will be blissful. Watch them rain in and find your YouTube video from Google, one of the biggest avenues you could ever invest your time into. Especially considering how easy it will be for you to take advantage of it with transcripts.

Every reader becomes a potential subscriber, as they easily find their way back to your channel if it is linked at the top of the page.

Always link back to your youtube channel at the start or at the end of your blog.


2. Medium is your Best Friend though

Medium is the most simple and easy ROI you will ever take advantage of as a marketer.

After you have uploaded your blog to your own site, then import it to medium. When you import your blog post to Medium they take 0 credit away from your own blog site through the use of canonical links.

Meaning your own website is the one that ranks on Google, not Medium. Yet still, the blog you have published to Medium will be available to the exclusive reader list within Medium.

If your blog post is good then it will be pushed out organically within the Medium web app to its readers. They may also include you in emails too. If you produce a really great blog post then you may be featured on the homepage, bringing in thousands of readers per day.

Again include your Youtube video and podcast link (or embed them) at the top of the blog post. Readers will easily find their way back to your channel from that video, and the conversion rate from ‘reader to subscriber’ will be high.

Always link back to your youtube channel at the start or at the end of your medium post. Source/inspiration

3. Forums and online communities are BOMB AF

Online communities are seriously hard work, but also seriously pay off.

Depending on what your niche is there could be thousands of communities out there for you. Or none. It really depends on what and who you are creating for. A quick google search of your ‘niche’ followed by ‘community’ will surely produce some results for you.

Let me show you who we use at spread:

IndieHackers A family-like community of developers, marketers, and indie makers. (+ much more).

GrowthHackers Growth Hackers really is what it says on the tin… Growth Hackers live here.

HackerNews We don’t regularly use this site as it is very niche to intellectuals, developers, and just weird sh!t to be honest. But if you have something relevant and non-promotey to share here, you can go really big. If you reach the front page you’re expected to get at least 5,000 clicks.

When you find online communities around or are similar to your niche, then you can start posting in them.

DO NOT POST A LINK TO YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL OR BLOG. Post content. Content that you would want to read or see if you were the one reading it.

You can even use snippets or depending on the length of your entire transcript/blog as a post to upload to one of these online communities. I do it with all of my blog posts to both Growth Hackers and Inidehackers. At the end of your post, after you have provided value through content, you then have the right to link to your channel or anything else.

When you’re not uploading your blogs or creating posts in these communities, you should be genuinely engaging and speaking with the members. Especially if they are potential subscribers or customers. Learn what they like to watch already, ask them what they could be interested in, and most importantly be the genuinely good person you are.

Online communities are a very effective starting point for new YouTubers and content creators to understand the audience they hope to engage with most.

Always use a link back to your youtube channel after providing value.


4. Social media and captions are easy You can dominate Twitter.

Every blog post you create from your youtube video, you can then also turn it into a Twitter thread. This is easily done using Spread’s blog to Twitter function.

The thread can be as long or as short as you want. Some bits can be taken out completely or even rewritten if you want to. The first Tweet in the thread should include the title, a short line of texting detailing the value in the thread, and something like (THREAD).

This will ensure the majority of people who see it will actually read it.

After you have created your Twitter thread you will also want to go back to it at times and pick out valuable quotes to Tweet again separately. Twitter will be your biggest ally with blogging promotion (in the social media realm). However, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, and any other text based social media app can all have a place to play when it comes to blog promotion.

If you want to upload to any of the listed above, the simplest way to do this is to use the blog introduction as a social media caption. Or if you want to be really creative, you can create square images (for IG) of quotes or blocks of text from your blog post and use them all over IG, FB, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest. However, these will be most effective on IG, Pinterest, and FB.

Always use a call to action to get people clicking the Youtube link in your bio.


5. Quora is a maverick

Quora is a bit of a niche pick but it can work extremely well in many industries, fields, or niches.

Whenever you create a blog post from your YouTube video simply go on Quora and look for relevant questions to your blog post.

For example, say you made a video on “SEO for beginners”, and thus created a blog post from it. Use that blog post (and video), as a Quora reply to a question like “How do I get started in SEO?”

This is a simple way to drive massive evergreen traffic over time, especially if you reach top spots on big questions.

Always link back to your youtube channel at the end.


The Ultimate Omnichannel marketing approach.

A well researched and discussed overall marketing strategy is the Omnichannel approach.

This is where a brand appears on every marketing channel — be it social media, blogs, youtube, podcasts, literally everywhere. So much so that people even start saying “I see you everywhere!!”

This approach has been well documented to generate enormous returns in terms of consumers and customers.

This is because a positive feedback loop is created. The more followers on Twitter you get the easier it is to grow on Instagram, the more on Instagram the easier on Youtube, the more on Youtube the easier on your blog, the more on your blog the easier on Twitter. This can go on all day.

Take any one example and they all interlink and positively affect the other with exponential growth.

Be everywhere. Spread like Wildfire.


Converting your Youtube videos (and podcasts) into transcript blog posts is a highly effective marketing strategy to growth hack your Youtube channel and your entire brand.

Being able to create a whole new marketing channel from one simple action is insanely overpowered. This also puts you at a huge advantage over many other Youtubers who haven’t unlocked this secret yet.

Use what you have learned here to maximise your precious Youtube content.

Use spread to spread like wildfire.


We are very happy that this article was so informative that you read to the very last sentence. We want you to leave knowing that the information you have just read was genuine and created by the founder of Spread ( Louis).

All sources and inspiration are stated below each paragraph, please check out every credible source you wish to.

We’ll see you again soon.

- Louis Founder of spread

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