Content Repurposing [2021 Ultimate Guide + automation tool]

updated on 03 January 2021

INTRODUCTION Creating content is *extremely* difficult, time-consuming, and tedious. As a content marketer/creator, your job is to create as much valuable content as possible across every channel. We know you're finding this very hard - I mean why else would you click on this post? Luckily for you, we (think we) have all the answers, and even luckier for you they're easily automated using Spread). Let us enlighten you... Source THE CORE BENEFITS OF REPURPOSING CONTENT 1. Originality Creating new fresh and engaging content is the age-old challenge of any content creator. How do you be original, entertaining, and convert consumers every single day? Truth is you can't. You can't create completely original content every single day. But you can create content every day. This is achieved by repurposing old content, across multiple social and content channels, and developing a reliable, consistent, and automated content schedule. Source 2. Time The time it takes to repurpose content is usually 10% of the time it takes to create completely new content from scratch. Salma Jefri put's it perfectly "Create less, promote more"... Put more time into making your existing content heard. Rather than being a content producing machine for no one to even see it. As the saying goes "if a tree falls in a forest with no one to hear it, did it make a sound?". If you don't make a sound (promote), nobody is going to hear you. Source 3. Exceed all value Every piece of content you create has a great amount of value. It is your job to extract the value from everything you create and maximise its value. Your work only begins after you stop creating as a creator - sounds crazy right... If you don't promote your creations, then every word, minute, and all the energy you invested in that piece of content is wasted to some degree. Some inherent ways to increase its value: SEO improvements: Creating multiple pieces of written blogs around similar keywords (and grouping/linking them) will greatly improve your SEO rankings. Repurposing podcasts and youtube videos into blogs and embedding the original pieces of content into your blog will also dramatically help SEO rankings. Utilising multiple social and content channels: Your audience is potentially everywhere and most probably cross-platform. To effectively reach any and all of your audience then you will have to make the most of every platform. This is incredibly easy when repurposing content. You can change blog posts into Twitter threads, Youtube videos into blogs, and so much more using Spread. Reinforce your message: It has been well established that consumers need to hear a message at least 7 times to truly get behind it. So... Repurpose your content!! Repurpose your content!! Repurpose your content!! Repurpose your content!! Repurpose your content!! Repurpose your content!! Repurpose your content!! Jokes. But really... Repurpose your content!! Repurposing content across multiple channels and throughout your yearly content schedule will reinforce your message enough for listeners to actually take action. Why create content, if no one is going to act on it? Source 1 Source 2 Source 3 WHICH CONTENT SHOULD YOU REPURPOSE Content that is evergreen means it can be consumed for a very long time after posting it. It doesn't 'date', or go out of 'fashion'. Evergreen content can be reposted and repurposed throughout the content calendar year. Truly any piece of content can be repurposed. Video, audio, written. Anything can be repurposed. Just some content is better to repurpose than others. Content that is best to repurpose: - very popular - very high quality - timeless - ones you loved creating You can use your Google analytics if you're looking at your blog posts, youtube analytics if repurposing video, or whatever you use to determine content success to measure which pieces of content are best to repurpose. You should already have an idea of which pieces of content you most want to repurpose in the back of your mind. source THE 10 BEST EXAMPLES OF CONTENT REPURPOSING [EXCLUSIVE REVEAL]

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