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updated on 02 March 2021

I’m about to show you how to get podcast transcriptions that are fast, extremely inexpensive, and 100% accurate. What more could you want? If you’re using these podcast transcripts to create a blog then you’re definitely in the right place. Keep reading to unlock your podcast’s full potential.

Getting started with transforming Podcasts into Blog Transcripts

Obviously, I’m going to tell you Spread is the best tool to do this. But there are many other transcription software out there - none as good as Spread though.

Currently Spread has a free trial of 60 minutes, so take advantage of this whilst you can!

Step 1. Sign in or register with Spread Step 2. Once signed in/registered upload your files/start a new transcript. Upload your MP3 file and click "transcribe". Let our monkeys bash their keyboard and see your Shakespearian transcript emerge. Step 3. The first screen you will be shown will be an "error correction" screen where our AI scans the text for potential errors. These errors will be highlighted to you in red text and highlight. If you click on a red error then a list of alternative sounding words will pop up which you can easily select from. reducing the time it takes to fix errors!

Error correction sceen   pop up selecting word (1)

After that, you will be moved to the "final review" screen where you can view the entire transcript, fix (if any) missed errors, and export your transcript ready for your podcast SEO or additional content :)


Let us be very transparent. We know Spread isn’t for everyone (we clearly complement professional/freelance transcribers and content marketers. Which may not be you exactly). So here is a list of alternatives you can try if you don’t like the look of us:

Filmora ThePodcastHost Podcast.co If you are a marketer or avid content creator then read on to unlock the true potential of transcripts. Below we will share our unique GrowthHack to explode your podcast.

Why You Should Create Transcription blog posts? - What you need to realise first. Reach lots more, from a little more.

Although podcasting is relatively low-competition based, anything you can do to get an edge on your competitors and grow you are obviously inclined to.

Creating a blog from every (or nearly every) podcast you produce is a winning formula. Being able to drive traffic to your personal or business brand via another (un)related source is huge.

Your transcribed blog posts can bring in rays of traffic - for actual decades. A blog’s evergreen DNA means traffic is never-ending.

Why would you keep your podcast hostage to one platform? Repurpose and expand it into more. Transcribed blogging is now a privilege, but as podcasting becomes more overcrowded it will become a necessity.

Source and inspiration

How do Transcript Blog posts Growth Hack Your Podcast channel?

Make roads, not bigger buildings.

You need as many consumer entry points leading to your podcast as possible. Every potential consumer needs to be able to reach your channel.

You can build the best podcast in the world, but if a huge portion of your viewers can’t even find you, they won't.

Build more roads. Meaning, build more marketing channels that lead to your podcast. And a blog is the biggest road you can build.

Source and inspiration

How can you (actually) use your blog to get more podcast views?

1. Your own website and blog 2. Medium and publishers 3. Related Online communities 4. Twitter and social Media 5. Quora

1. Your own blog is a motorway.

Traffic, traffic, traffic. Your own website or blog should be the number one place you post content, no matter what it is. But especially written content such as transcriptions.

Google loves original content, and your domain rating really reflects this. Having original transcriptions on your blog massively helps with SEO, domain rating, and especially Google love.

Every time you post a blog article to your own website, always link back to your podcast at the top. The amount of traffic and views you will get from this will be incredible.

Watch traffic overflow from Google searches into your podcast. It’s crazy how easy this is considering how little time it takes podcasters (and YouTubers) to even do this. The ROI is the biggest in marketing history.

Source and inspiration

2. Medium is hella cool

Your own website is number one, but Medium is a close second.

Medium gets a lot of hate. But it also can be one of your biggest traffic sources. Love it or hate it, there's no harm in posting on it (as an import). So you might as well take advantage and hijack its sweet domain rating, and exclusive reader base.

After you have uploaded your own blog to your website go onto Medium and use their import feature. When you import your blog posts to Medium they take 0 credit for your content. They use a canonical link so that your own website is ranked on Google, not the Medium post.

This means that your website will be the one to show up on google and have a higher domain rating. However, you will still have exclusive access to Medium's very own reader only group. Which you generally wouldn't have access to otherwise. Medium is a win only marketing strategy that isn’t essential but definitely helps.

Especially if you make it to the front page... Expect 100,000’s page views and 1,000’s of downloads.

Source and inspiration

3. Online Communities Become YOUR Community.

Online communities completely depend on your niche and who you are producing content for. Who is your audience and where are they also positioned?

They are obviously on podcast platforms, but do they also hang around Indiehakers, Growth Hackers, Reddit? Etc…

A quick google search can usually assist you in where online communities and forums related to your niche may be. Reddit and Indie Hackers are usually the best places to start no matter who you produce for though.

After you have created your transcribed blog post, snip it up a little bit and get ready to post it to these online communities. Or just post the whole thing as we do on IndieHackers and GrowthHackers.

Whenever you post content to these communities do it with dignity and in the least ‘promotey’ way possible. Especially Reddit - they will sniff you out in seconds.

Provide value. Once you’ve provided value through your transcription posting (with added value) are you then deserving of linking back to your channel.

The time in between uploading posts to your new online community you should also be engaging with and replying to other's posts. It’s not all about you.

Source and inspiration

4. Social Media is Super Fun

Transcription blogs are ideal for social media, especially Twitter. Using Spread you can easily turn blogs into Twitter threads in one click with our free tool, get started here.

You can use your whole blog as a Twitter thread, or just parts of it. The first Tweet should be the title of the podcast/blog post. Followed by a reason why consumers should open up the thread. And finally finishing the first tweet with “(THREAD)” to let your audience know it is a detailed long thread.

This will encourage as many people as possible to open up the thread and read it.

At the end of your Twitter thread, we also recommend you link back to your blog and/or your podcast channel to drive home even more traffic. After you have created your complete Twitter thread from your blog post, you will want to go back in and cherry-pick certain quotes, stats, and sentences to Tweet again in the future.

Twitter will be the best place to post blog content, but you can also caption image uploads using your blog post on the following places: Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, and any other text/image-based social media app.


5. Quora Crazy

Quora is a weird and wonderful place.

One that can bring you mass traffic, or be a complete disappointment. Either way, you have nothing to lose.

Whenever you create your blog transcript, go to Quora, and search for relevant questions to your blog. When you’ve found one simply reply to the question with your blog post copied and pasted in. Then also link back to your blog page or podcast channel. With this method you can either expect huge amounts of traffic or nothing at all, but this 2-minute activity will always be ROI positive.

If you reach the top spot on a big question with lots of traffic already going to it then expect a wave of new visitors for years to come.


The OmniChannel Marketing Strategy

This marketing strategy is also known as ‘being everywhere’. Pretty much it means that you show up on every social media channel. Plus the big 3 - blogs, podcasts, and youtube.

This approach encompasses all of Spread's functionality, in particular transforming both Youtube and Podcasts into blogs.

Omnichannel marketing has been glorified within the marketing world, especially when it’s been put under the lens and thoroughly researched (source).

Why do we think it works so well?

The positive feedback loop it creates works so well, but only snowballs into more. Similar to how blogging SEO content brings in more and more traffic over time - the omnichannel approach is very similar, but way faster, and way bigger!

What is a positive feedback loop?

“Positive feedback is a process that occurs in a feedback loop that exacerbates the effects of a small disturbance. That is, the effects of a perturbation on a system include an increase in the magnitude of the perturbation.” - Wiki (source)

A real example of this within the marketing world is;

When you have a large Instagram following it’s easier to grow a big Youtube following. When you have a big Youtube following it’s easy to grow a podcast following. Big podcast following, easy blog following, Easy blog following, easy Twitter following. Bigger Twitter following, bigger Instagram following. The system repeats itself over and over and over again.

This loop occurs 10x over within every loop to every other account. Positive feedback loops are growth hacking heaven, with a cherry on top.

Be everywhere. Spread like wildfire.

Source and inspiration

In Conclusion: Repurposing podcasts into transcripts

Converting podcasts (and youtube videos) into blogs is an extremely effective marketing tactic that will only lead to exponential growth. And who doesn’t like that? Especially when it’s so easy to achieve with Spread.

Use this winning formula to podcast success with pride, it puts you in the 1% of podcasters. Your competition will be long gone after you abuse this method.

Maximise your content with spread.


I am very happy that this article was so informative that you read to the very last sentence. I want you to leave knowing that the information you have just read was genuine and created by the founder of Spread (Louis).

All sources and inspiration are stated below each paragraph, please check out every credible source you wish to.

We’ll see you again soon.

- Louis (founder of spread)

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