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updated on 04 November 2020
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Easily double your content output with ease. Transform your Youtube videos into podcasts to massively increase your reach and ad-revenue over both the short and long term. Firstly, congrats on being here.

This alone puts you within the top 1% of YouTubers. YouTubers who want to drastically expand their reach and growth hack their way to a million + views.

The only way to instantly reach and convert more consumers into subscribers is to evolve your marketing channels. Converting yourself from a Youtube content creator, into a content creator is key. A content creator who uploads the big three. Youtube, podcasts, and blogs - the holy trinity of evergreen content.

But for today we’re only focusing on transforming your youtube videos into podcasts (MP3). However, this alone can help you double your consumers within the first year…

Step by step guide to repurposing Youtube videos into podcasts

So how do you change a Youtube video into a converted MP3 file, ready to be uploaded to every major podcast player instantly?

Use Spread. This is obviously a very biased suggestion, but it’s what Spread was intended and built to do.

Repurpose your content into more content. A major one being, video to podcast.

Step 1. Sign in or register with Spread by clicking this link. (Converting Youtube videos into podcasts is insanely fast and only costs $0.03 per minute of video with Spread - cheapest on the market, startup style!)

Step 2. Once signed in/registered click "contents" and then "create" Step 3. Then enter the URL of the video you want to repurpose. The video title and preview should appear. Then click "save". Your video will start transforming into a podcast. Give it time to work it's magic... (A 10 minute video usually takes 2 minutes).


If you want to complete your holy trinity of content, then also check out our post on transforming your Youtube videos and podcasts into blogs.

Why would you want to convert Youtube videos into Podcasts (MP3)?


Youtube is oversaturated. It’s extremely hard to grow on this platform without a big budget and years of expertise. Podcasting is currently an open field. One you can easily take advantage of. Use podcasting as a driving force to grow your Youtube channel. Your podcast viewers will easily convert to youtube subscribers, and thus your customers.

Youtube videos (as you know) take a very long time to produce, and the results you get from all of this effort isn’t always ‘worthy’…

Your subscriber count isn’t shooting up. Your views are fatiguing. You simply deserve more.

What can you do about this?

The Youtube videos you have created are works of art. Why hold them hostage to one platform? Why not simply take the audio from them and reuse it as a podcast. (+ a blog too).

Re-use the exact same audio, title, description, and anything else. But on a podcast player instead of Youtube.

This is a no brainer, and Spread makes this whole process effortless.

How long/effort does it take to repurpose youtube videos into podcasts (MP3)?

With Spread. It takes minutes. Eventually, it won’t take any time at all and will be completely automated, but that’s on future developments…

To turn your Youtube video into a podcast, it will probably take you a maximum of 5 minutes. 5 straight forward minutes that will potentially double your view count.

Or you can spend those 5 minutes trying to create some social media posts about your youtube video. Spoiler alert: it gets you nowhere compared to podcast repurposing.

Use Spread to get the MP3 file, copy and paste your Youtube video title and description, add in your youtube link too. Then you’re done. 5 minutes max right?

The ROI on repurposing youtube videos into podcasts is like no other. 5 minutes to double your views. Who is dumb enough to turn this down? I hope you’re not.

How will podcasting help my Youtube channel?

For every podcast you create you should also link back to your Youtube channel in the description.

Podcasts organically rank and are promoted within the apps to specific users. Literally use podcasting as a marketing channel for your Youtube. A sneak peek if you like.

Users will be organically and continuously checking out your podcast episodes. Whilst they do this, the majority will then check the description at some point, and probably click on your link back to your Youtube channel. If they subscribe to your podcast, then that’s a guaranteed youtube subscriber. And when have you ever said no to a new subscriber?

The boom you originally saw on your channel, you will see once again but through podcasting. Or if you’re completely new to content creation then posting both on Youtube and podcast players can only double your chances of becoming the next big thing you dream of.

(It’s actually more than likely triples your chances due to market saturation on Youtube, but we won’t bore you with that).

The Podcasting Trend

Podcasting has been soaring in the last few years, and this trend will be making noise for a long time to come. Podcasting opens you up to a brand new audience and new ears that have never heard you before.

With Youtube, you have to force your way in, make your space, and try your hardest to keep it. Podcasting is the easy-going cousin. There will usually be a gap or an easy niche section for you to slot right into. Positioning yourself at the forefront of consumers who are eager and waiting to hear from someone, someone just like you.

Let’s dive into some facts and figures to truly drive our point home: Podcasting is booming.

In 2019 there was a huge podcast boom. With a 27% increase in the number of podcasts created in just a single year. Leading to 29 million podcast episodes, across 700,000 podcasts.

Now compare that to the number of Youtube channels at 31 Million. The likelihood of you making it on Youtube now is slim IF you don’t repurpose your content and maximise your global consumer count. Podcasting is youtube’s easy alternative - use it to growth hack your youtube channel. Source

Podcasting should be one of your biggest driving forces for your Youtube channel.

26% of Americans listen to podcasts (EVERY WEEK). This number is rising by the day too.

Even though only 26% of Americans regularly listen to podcasts, the number is growing. Now 26% doesn’t sound like a lot but that’s 82 MILLION people, listening every week, just from America.

This is the perfect time to start. Imagine being on Youtube 10–15 years ago and owning the space? That’s podcasting right now. NO competition. You can walk in there and dominate a niche with relative ease. Source

You will become the thought leader of whatever you demand.

As of 2020 39 Million Americans own a voice device.

Voice is coming in a wave that’s flooding every generation, home, and way of life. Voice devices are the perfect ensemble piece to podcasting. The future for this couple is promising.

One day Alexa could be the biggest content medium. Make her your best friend now….

Source 1 Source 2

What are the biggest opinions on podcasting and where is this trend heading into 2021?

Listener profiles

As small businesses, brands, and enterprises grow they create both initial and ideal customer profiles. Who that person is, what they do daily, what beliefs they hold, are they left or right, do they have a dog… literally anything and everything you can think of.

Podcasters will soon be operating along this same wavelength. Creating in-depth listener identities for every series they create. This will become necessary as the amount of podcasts increase, and thus competition is higher than ever before.


Podcast SEO will (finally) lift-off

You will still have to stick to the bread and butter SEO methods. Transcribing podcasts (and youtube videos) into blog posts.

But in the future podcasting will have it’s very own search engine built into Google. Podcasters will be able to take advantage of genuine evergreen traffic from Google searches. The same way you do currently with Youtube and blog content.

As Google’s speech to text and other AI/ML components continue to improve and become 100% accurate, singular words spoken within a podcast will be able to be pinpointed and searched for. That’s kinda scary, but freaking awesome in our opinion.



Currently, to judge if a podcast was a success, you will only check the number of downloads. In the future, it will reflect more of what you’re used to seeing on Youtube.

Episode length, time watched, amount of minutes per video, average watch time.

Just change “video” to “podcast”, and “watched” to “listened” and those metrics will become ingrained within podcasting tools and players.


Podcasting will be transformed into MICRO content.

The same way that long-form video content once dominated via Youtube, and eventually trickled down into short-form videos we’re now experiencing on IG, FB, and TikTok. The exact same will happen with voice.

Voice only apps are becoming more and more prevalent. Some prime examples being:

1. Hear-me-out

“Discover rising talent, listen to Musicians, News, Celebrities, Comedians, Politicians, Poets, Tech, and much more…

Share your own voice with the world, record whatever you want, add images and voice filters.

Easily share your posts on your other social networks, create Voice-Tweets, and bring your Facebook images to life.”

If this doesn’t bring back memories of 2011–2012 Instagram then I don’t know what does.

2. Listen

“Listen is a voice-only social network.

Record your voice and send it to others. Start a 1:1 conversation with someone.

Who knows who you will meet?”

Listen isn’t so much a social network but more like a direct messaging app. Either way, they are making strides and creating a space for voice only to dominate.

3. Twitter Voice

“we’re testing a new feature that will add a more human touch to the way we use Twitter, including your very own voice.”

“Each voice Tweet captures up to 140 seconds of audio. Have more to say? Keep talking. Once you reach the time limit for a Tweet, a new voice Tweet starts automatically to create a thread. Once you’re done, tap the Done button to end your recording and go back to the composer screen to Tweet.”

On the 17th of June 2020 Twitter released a new feature update. Speech Tweets. Also more appropriately named Twitter voice.

The same way you take a youtube video and transform it into an Instagram post you will soon be transforming parts or even all of your podcast into a Twitter voice thread.

Spread aims to be at the forefront of this, enabling you to split up your podcast and promotionally promote it via Twitter voice.

Source and inspiration

Concluding Youtube videos to Podcast (MP3)

Youtube is great. But so fu@king hard.

Podcasting is easy(er).

Podcasting will almost be a second Youtube channel for you. Every video you post has double the chance of exploding and bringing in a huge number of consumers. (Triple if you also turn it into a blog).

If you don’t want a podcast channel, and only want to ‘focus’ on Youtube then that’s your loss. You will be the one to lose traffic and views whilst everyone else steams ahead. I say good luck to you though.

Turning Youtube videos into Podcasts (MP3 files) has never been so seamless with Spread.

Get started today. Spread your content like wildfire.

Source and inspiration


I am very happy that this article was so informative that you read to the very last sentence. I want you to leave knowing that the information you have just read was genuine and created by (myself) the founder of Spread (Louis).

All sources and inspiration are stated below each paragraph, please check out every credible source you wish to.

We’ll see you again soon.

- Louis Founder of Spread

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