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    Our Innovative Solutions to your transcription problems

    Exclusive technology only we provide

    • Highest Quality Transcription

      Utilising multiple pieces of software and AI we have created the ultimate transcription workflow.

    • Error Correction

      Use our AI to detect and correct potential transcription errors that need fixing. 

    • Grammar corrector

      Never worry about grammar again. Spread used GPT-3 AI to fix ALL grammar instantly.

    • Content creation

      Transcribe your audio/video and watch Spread generate blog posts, tweets, micro-video, quotes and more for you.

      (Coming soon)

    • AI Rewrite

      Summarise and paraphrase your transcript into blog content, show notes, and key takeaways.

      (Coming soon)

    • find and remove speech errors

      Those awkward "ermms" and "umms" in transcripts are very annoying. Spread auto removes them.

      (Coming soon)

    Hand Designed to please your eyes

    Transcribe fluidly without interruption

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    • Final review screen
    • High-Quality Transcription

      Our automated transcription is of the highest quality available. Using a unique blend of multiple software pieces we have achieved ultimate accuracy.

    • Error Correction

      Our error correction screen automatically highlights any transcribed words that we aren't 100% on. Allowing you to pinpoint errors. 

    • Final review screen

      The final review screen is where the magic ends and you get your transcript in full along with the video. timestamps, and more. 

    You have the opportunity of your lifetime. You can request access to the most innovative automated transcriber to ever be created, and now at 85% off.

    Double your transcription speed

    Become the fastest transcriber in the west - coming to a screen near you...

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    • Final review screen
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    Simple and efficent workflow

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      Login or signup

      Create an account or login to an existing one. Simple signup process with Google login available. 

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    • 2

      Upload your audio/video file

      Use your pre-ordered 60 minutes free for your first upload or youtube link to get started

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      Relax for a minute or two

      This loading screen will appear after you have clicked "Transcribe my file" on the upload/drop screen.

      Depending on how long your video/audio is will depend on how long you wait for your transcription. Luckily for you, Spread is very fast at transcribing content (especially compared to other tools).

      For a 10 minute video, expect a couple minutes of wait time. You can leave the tab open in the background. Grab a drink or snack whilst you wait a few minutes! ☕️

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      Error Correction

      Every automated transcription tool (or even a human) creates errors in a transcript. Transcription errors are currently impossible to avoid, but with Spread you will minimise them without hours of work and headaches.

      This is our error correction screen, this is the first screen you will see after your transcript has been created. This screen shows where our AI has picked up on potential transcription errors and highlighted them to you in a list format, so you don't have to scan through the entire text.

      Use the left-hand side video player to listen to the audio. Then click on any red highlighted word to be given a list of alternative words. Then click the word you want to change the error to. Boom. Your error is corrected fast with minimal effort and no typing.

      The video will then skip to the next error in the list to speed up the correction process even more.

      Once you have gone through all your errors (or even before) you can then click "Final Review" where you will be taken to the entire transcript.

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      Final Review

      The final review page is where you will find the full transcript. The changes you made in the previous 'error correction' screen will also appear in the final transcript screen.

      Here you can edit all the text as much as you want. We suggest you give it a scan over as our AI isn't bulletproof when it comes to detecting errors.

      You can use the hide/unhide video button to see transcript text in the bottom right corner.

      If you double click anywhere in the transcript text the video will auto-skip to this place so you can edit the text in real-time with the audio playing.

      When you are happy with your transcript you can copy it to your clipboard or export it. Then press the dashboard button to be taken terror est. Sunt nomenes consumere flavum, barbatus lunaes.

      Final review screen
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      Your dashboard will show all of your past transcripts with all the information you need about them.

      You can click on "New Transcript" to start creating a transcript - this takes you to the upload screen.

      If you have used up your 60 minutes of free transcription then you click "buy more time" to top up at only $0.20 (prices set to increase). Or you can pre-order at a much cheaper price!

      Dashboard (standard)

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